Well, you’ve done it again. Halloween is tomorrow and you have no idea what to be. Well, lucky for you, there is still hope! Here are some fun Halloween costumes made of items you already have in your closet. And they’re all cool fictional leading ladies, which makes it all the more fun!

  1. Selena Meyer- Veep

All you need for this costume is a (vice) presidential looking dress, a Meyer campaign pin (which you can easily make yourself), curly hair, and a willingness to swear at everyone who comes within five feet of you!

2. Bridget Jones – The Bridget Jones trilogy

We are all Bridget Jones inside, and looking like her on the outside isn’t that hard either! Just grab a onesie, any one will do, though the more festive the better, a glass of wine, and a diary so you can drunkenly ramble about all your potential suiters!

3. Lizzie McGuire (The Cartoon Version) –Lizzie McGuire

This one works better if you’re blonde, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Just throw on blue jeans and a purple cropped tank. Or, if you’re me, a normal purple tank and then fold the bottom up and tuck it into your bra to make a crop top out of it. Sometimes you have to get clever.

4. Daria – Daria

After throwing on your best apathetic and unamused look, grab a black skirt, black boots, yellow or orange undershirt, and a green jacket or blazer to be this classic 90’s cartoon. You’ll also need glasses, and since I have 20/20 vision, the only thing I had lying around was sunglasses. But if you can, dig up a pair of old 3D glasses you stole from the movie theatre, pop the lenses out, and you will be good to go!

5. Joyce Byers- Stranger Things

And while everyone and their mom is making sure every grocery store in America is sold out of Eggo waffles so they can be Eleven, take a different Stranger Things path and be Joyce! First you need a worried and tired expression on your face because everyone thinks your son is dead but he speaks to you through the lights and ain’t that just crazy! But then also grab a striped shirt, army green utility jacket, and any extra Christmas lights you have hanging around. An old phone gives you bonus points, but is not needed.