Even if you are not a big Star Wars fan, if you saw The Force Awakens, you have SOME kind of theory as to what comes next. Specifically, how does Rey fit into all of this? Who are Rey’s parents?

My theory is not that out there or crazy. In fact, a lot of people have it. But I just need you to know that it is, by far, the best.

The two most common theories are that Rey is either a Skywalker or a Kenobi. A Skywalker because her connection and relationship to the force is so strong but untrained, and the end has a dramatic meet between the two. Not to mention, if you do the math, Luke has missing for the right amount of time for Rey to not really know her whole family life situation. And then people see Kenobi in her from her accent, her use of mind tricks with the force, and he comes up in the flashback montage.

Both are really good arguments. And all likelihood is that she is either one or the other. But get this: I think she’s both. Rey is a Skywalker-Kenobi. (ie Obi-Wan had a daughter, that daughter and Luke had a kid, and that kid is Rey.) And want to know what that’s best? Because I win either way.

Familial lineage is a very important piece of Star Wars. There  is really no way that she’s unrelated to anyone. And they also don’t intend to make it hard for you, so she probably won’t be a distant Solo or Organa. Even though some say these theories, especially the Skywalker one, are too obvious, well, yeah that’s the point.

tumblr_inline_nvf5o58yup1s7fjcc_1280I don’t have this theory JUST because I am at least half right either way. There are clearly easter eggs on both sides here, and I don’t think they would be there for no good reason. Now of course, they could exist for reasons other than DNA for sure. But right now, that seems to be the trend everyone is taking. So I will too. And I’m going to combine them and say she is both.

The force is so strong in her for someone who is completely untrained, so she’s obviously getting that Jedi blood from somewhere. And since I think she has so much, I might as well guess it comes from both sides.

So there. Feel free to hop on this train. We’ll be here for a while. Well, until December 15, 2017 that is.

NOTE: I am aware that in the expanded universe that Luke Skywalker has a wife, Mara Jade. BUT Disney and J.J. Abrams essentially denounced the expanded universe for the films, since they made it too predictable and limited their creative freedom with the franchise. It’s not canon. So boy bai.