I would like the begin this article by saying that Rory deserves better than all the guys she dated on Gilmore Girls. They were all immature and flawed, and Rory obviously doesn’t need that kind of BS in her life. But a show like GG doesn’t exist without picking a team and fighting for it until the end of time. With the new revival Netflix series, this fight is back in full swing. And my team is Logan. And I don’t want any flack for it.

*This will have MAJOR SPOILERS of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! Do not look on if you are not ready!

Is There Even a Real Team Dean?

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What a needy chicken. NEXT PLEASE.

No one actually likes Dean long-term, right? Like yeah, for the whole charming first boyfriend thing he works, and then he just doesn’t. He becomes awful and irrational and I don’t know anyone that doesn’t actively hate Dean. He’s far too hostile and can’t function on his own it’s pathetic. I mean, I’m sure Team Dean lives out there somewhere, (and it’s cool that “Team Dean” almost rhymes) but they all must know they’re wrong.

Your Fave Jess is Garbage

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What a garbage thing to say to a person who supposedly love. Shut your garbage mouth Jess.

The big team is Team Jess. Which I will truly never understand. He was so much worse than some brooding, misunderstood, bad-boy teen. You would be in a less emotionally manipulative relationship if you were dating Holden Caulfield. He essentially wanted to be the only person in Rory’s life. He would lose his mind when she wasn’t at his beck and call. But still always flake out on her.

Like this kid was ALWAYS flaking to the nth degree. He couldn’t even verbally break up with her he was such a flake. He would go away for a long time with no notice, show back up to Stars Hallow, and Rory would be like “?????” and then he would be like “Rory, I love you,” and then run away again. What is that? Who has time for that? Not me, not Rory and not anyone with a head on their shoulders.

And I haven’t even started on how he was super disrespectful to EVERYONE. Including Lorelei which is just unacceptable. Rory and Lorelei are a package deal. This show is not called Gilmore Girl. It’s Gilmore GIRLS. There are two! You can’t ice one out just because they see through your troubled facade and know you’re a moody brat. Oh, and throw Luke onto the list of people he was rude to. Luke was always there for him but he was a whiny ungrateful teenage monster boy who didn’t even deserve it.

And don’t even tell me he redeemed himself in the new episodes. Just because he has a job and seems stable for his ten minutes of screen time means nothing. This kid is going to need some sort of eight part book series in order to make anything up to me. Give me a break.

Logan is Just Better in Every Department

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Wow adorable love it ship yes.

Onto the real deal here. Now that you understand why Rory’s other two boyfriends were found in a dumpster, let’s talk about Logan. And I’m not just here because he’s handsome and filthy rich. Though I must admit it doesn’t hurt.

Logan is just a better boyfriend than the other two ever were??? Even though their relationship started off in a gray area, he made it clear he was going to commit to her, and followed through. (Yeah there was the time he sort of cheated, like with a whole bridal party, but they were also sort of broken up so…) But when they are together, like really together, he’s a rockstar. He does nice things for her unannounced, he’s there for her when times get tough and always pulls through for her. He literally wants to give Rory the world.

And he has charm and charisma, especially compared to the tweedle loser and tweedle negative Rory dated before him. He takes Rory on dates, he’s fun and adventurous. He just brings a lighthearted, exciting, and optimistic energy to Rory that none of her boyfriends ever did before. She’s more work, he’s more play. He challenges Rory to take risks and ups her confidence. They balance each other out.

Logan is not without his flaws. His privileged ass is far from worthy of Rory. He has moments where his former loose and non-commitment self shines through, and an ego to match it at times. This new Netflix series was a shining example. But he was not the only one doing things wrong. Yes, he is engaged and sleeping with Rory. But Rory also has a boyfriend. And she is the one who clearly states their situation is “what happens in London stays in London.” So he’s not super to blame. The both of them went into this, like this, together.

So even though Logan is not the 10 that Rory should have, if you had to pick from these three boys to have a baby with. Like duh, you would pick Logan. Of course Rory being preggers is not ideal. Especially since this could very well be the last we see of her and WHAT THE HELL I NEED CLOSURE. But we are left with the idea that the baby belongs to Logan. And that is enough for me.