A good triple threat can be hard to find, but Hollywood is still chock full of them. Having someone who can sing, act, and dance is no longer that rare. And Rachel Bloom can do all of these things exceedingly well. But she has a trick in her pocket no one else does: she can write, too.

The creator, writer, and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a musical comedy on the CW, Bloom has earned herself a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy, and an Emmy for music in the show. (Though if you ask me, she should have AT LEAST been nominated for Best Actress. But OK.) Crazy-Ex is funny, charming, catchy, and crazy addicting. Bloom plays Rebecca Bunch, a lawyer who moved from her fancy life in Manhattan to move to West Covina, California- just to be closer to her ex-boyfriend Josh. If you have any further questions, take a listen to the season one theme song, it’ll explain it all there.

But before Bloom even became Bunch, she had a YouTube page, RachelDoesStuff, where she wrote and performed comedic songs and musical sketches, demonstrating the same formidable skill set.

Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch and Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh Chan.

With that channel, Bloom was able to prove that she had comedic writing and performing chops, and a powerhouse voice to match it. And with these talents, Crazy-Ex is one of the best shows on TV, taking risks no other show does, and still reaping the rewards.

Going the musical route on TV can be tricky. We all sat through the hellbent wonder of Glee, and whether you liked it, hated it, or both, you saw what it could do for this genre. But CEG totally reinvents this idea. Musical numbers are used far more sparingly, and all music is original. The songs don’t dictate the plot, in fact the show’s plot as a whole could stand without any music. The songs simply jump
off one funny idea or feeling and accentuate it. It’s lighthearted, fun, and wildly smart.

And this is all a result of Bloom. The world she built for this show is a perfect home to these quirky characters and outlandish numbers. She nails Rebecca, the irrational protagonist who you root for against the best interest of every other character.

The supporting characters of West Covina are excellent as well, but it really is Bloom who carries the show. She sings the cast majority of songs, and her plot is always the most fun to get invested in. She is setting a new bar and challenging every barrier in TV. Not only can a musical show work, but it can be written by, created by, and led by a woman. BOOM. Or should I say, BLOOM? (No, no I should not.)

Bloom is changing the landscape of TV and comedy completely. There is no one in the business who can match her unstoppable talents. She is paving the way for creative and inventive new genres of TV, and sharpening the presence of funny women.