If you pay attention to film or social media at all, you remember the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite from earlier this year, which trended because all of the Academy Award acting nominees were white, and most of the other awards were super straight-white-male, too.

This opened up dialogue about the huge issues with diversity in the film industry, especially with its leading organization. So now that it comes time to fix these issues, and make it clear that movies will be headed in a positive direction, The Academy chooses Jimmy Kimmel as a host?

Jimmy Kimmel is certainly funny, albeit a little controversial at times. He did a decent job with the Emmy’s, and on the whole, there is nothing wrong with this choice any other year.  But the Academy is facing TONS of criticism for valid reasons, and the host selection would be a perfect time to show that they are listening, and open to change.

Had they chosen a person of color, or even a woman, as non-gendered awards always lean in the favor of men, they could have used this as an opportunity to not just show the world that they had turned to a new page, but also give a voice that usually gets the short end of the stick a chance to be heard.

Again, I’m not totally mad at this choice. I think Kimmel has the ability to do a good job. But it is disappointing to see that a huge opportunity to make a push in the right direction got ignored, and that it just makes it look like the Academy isn’t even addressing their biggest issues. Kimmel isn’t the only one qualified for this job, and this year was the year to give it to not a late-night-TV-white-dude.