My name is Maddie Crichton, and welcome to all the many thoughts I have on the entertainment industry. More specifically, the relationship between gender and social politics and film.

I’ve been a fan of movies of all kinds my whole life, but once I learned about things like the Bechdel test, or first looked critically and gender and racial inequality in film, I started watching them with new eyes. And while Hollywood may try to act like it has crossed the great big bridge of progressivism and is holding hands with all women, people of color, and the LGBTQA community, it still has a long way to go. So, like anything you love, you congratulate it on it successes, but also tell it when it’s acting like an idiot. And that’s why I have this blog.

So come hang with me as I publish all the thoughts I have on film in this context. And trust me, I have a lot.