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MPFG’s First Podcast

Here is the first episode of Manic Pixie Film Girl's first podcast! Do you ever find yourself watching romantic comedies, and stopping yourself to think about how gender-normative and stereotypical they are and then you feel super guilty and disappointed... Continue Reading →


The Stages of Watching The Ugly Truth (As Told by My Face)

If you google "most sexist movie of all time" the results are very inconclusive. This is partially because it really wants to tell you the sexiest movies of all time, and also partly because so many movies are blatantly sexist... Continue Reading →

5 Rad Ladies to be For Your Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Well, you've done it again. Halloween is tomorrow and you have no idea what to be. Well, lucky for you, there is still hope! Here are some fun Halloween costumes made of items you already have in your closet. And... Continue Reading →

How The Room’s Sexism Helps it Succeed at Failing

The Room is critically and (pretty much) factually hailed as the worst movie of all time. And no, not Room, the moving Academy Award winner starring Brie Larson. THE Room. The ultimate so-bad-it’s-good, I couldn’t even explain the plot to... Continue Reading →

Amy Schumer, Leave Formation Alone

Amy Schumer, one of the best stand-up and sketch comedians of our era, has been heralded as a feminist leader of comedy. And when you earn a title like that, the water you walk in becomes murkier, and the pressure... Continue Reading →

How the 2016 Election Saved Saturday Night Live

If you have been loyally watching every episode of Saturday Night Live in the last couple of years, you would be in a small group. The seasons following the departure of former head writer Seth Meyers have been critically hailed... Continue Reading →

Disney’s Mulan Will Have A Chinese Cast, And Other Things That Should Go Without Saying

As part of its attempt to make live-action versions of every single animated film it has every produced, Disney will be releasing a new Mulan, set to hit theaters in 2018. Regardless of where you stand on Disney making live-action... Continue Reading →

Where Are the Stupid Women in Comedy?

Comedy, just like any genre of film, can be broken down into various subsections. Satire, rom-com, dark comedy, indie, raunchy, buddy, the list goes on. But here is one subsection I don’t know that we consider enough, though it is... Continue Reading →

Hey Girl, Let’s Talk About Ryan Gosling

As you read this, you may think: Maddie, you started a feminist film blog and on your third post this already doesn't have much to do with feminism. Well, consider this post a response to every single time I've told... Continue Reading →

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